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shopping LINNSZ Premium Pencil Storage Case Bag Slots w 252 service

LINNSZ Premium Pencil Storage Case Pencil Bag 252 Pencil Slots w


LINNSZ Premium Pencil Storage Case Pencil Bag 252 Pencil Slots w

Product description


LARGE CAPACITY. 252 individual pencil slots, 2 larger slots for eraser or sharpener. Each pencil has its own individual hole/strap. Keep all your colored pencils, sketching pencils, etc well organized.
MULTIPEL USE METHODS. You can use this for ordinary pencils or colored pencils. Perfect for girls, women, students, artists, designers and more.
PREMIUMamp;DURABLE. Made of top-touch PU and polyester material, durable and wear-resistant. Adopts fine workmanship and the stitches are neat and reusable. Easy to wash with cloth or wets. Anti-mould, moisture-proof. The zipper goes smoothly which can be easily open and closed.
WONDERFUL GIFT. Great gift for childern, students, boys, girls, artists, designers, friend and more.
Specifications:Material: PU; Polyester
Color: Beige; Blue; Green; Pink
Size: Approx. 28x11.5x20cm/11.02x4.53x7.87in
Quantity: 256 Pencil Slots
Weight: Approx. 800g
Package includes:1 Piece Colored Pencil Case

LINNSZ Premium Pencil Storage Case Pencil Bag 252 Pencil Slots w

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