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KXA Mail order cheap American Country Bamboo Art Handmade Woven Max 84% OFF Weaving Wall Lamp

KXA American Country Bamboo Art Weaving Wall Lamp Handmade Woven


KXA American Country Bamboo Art Weaving Wall Lamp Handmade Woven

Product description

Welcome to my wall light hut!

With the diversification of artistic temperament and incorporating the design concept, you will create a comfortable and happy and comfortable home.

Our wall lights can not only light up your house, but also decorate your house, creating a retro, romantic atmosphere for your family, your lover, and your friends.

Product Type: Wall Light

Light source type: E27

Number of light sources: 1

Style: American Village

Process: paint,Forge

whether Include light source: not included

Light body material:wood

Shade material: glass

Power: 31W (inclusive)-40W (inclusive)

Voltage: 110-240 V

Irradiation area: 5-10 m虏

Whole light size: 27 * 13 cm/10.63 * 5.12 inch

Product weight : 2 kg

Application: bedroom living room lighting, hallway lighting, hotel cafe decoration, villa lighting, etc.

Selecting lights We understand your concerns, whether it is from the manufacturing process or the selection of raw materials, we consider starting from the customer's immediate interests, and your choice is our trust.

Our unique product line makes your home shine. If you have any questions or feedback about our products, our customer service team is always at your service and will be happy to help you!
We are committed to providing good quality services, if you have any needs, welcome to consult,we will do our best to meet 。

KXA American Country Bamboo Art Weaving Wall Lamp Handmade Woven

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