Mary,$112,M,Earrings,14K,Obsession,|,Yellow,Virgin,,Mother,Jewels,/Andoke2808659.html,Gold,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women $112 Jewels Obsession Virgin Mary Earrings | 14K Yellow Gold Mother M Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Mary,$112,M,Earrings,14K,Obsession,|,Yellow,Virgin,,Mother,Jewels,/Andoke2808659.html,Gold,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women Jewels Obsession Virgin Mary Earrings Mother Yellow 5 popular 14K Gold M Jewels Obsession Virgin Mary Earrings Mother Yellow 5 popular 14K Gold M $112 Jewels Obsession Virgin Mary Earrings | 14K Yellow Gold Mother M Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

Jewels Factory outlet Obsession Virgin Mary Earrings Mother Yellow 5 popular 14K Gold M

Jewels Obsession Virgin Mary Earrings | 14K Yellow Gold Mother M


Jewels Obsession Virgin Mary Earrings | 14K Yellow Gold Mother M

Product description

Jewels Obsession Virgin Mary Earrings | 14K Yellow Gold Mother Mary Lever Back Earrings - Made in USA

Made to Order - Processing can take 7 - 10 business days

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Pendant Length: 20 mm / 0.79 in x Width: 6 mm / 0.24 in
  • Stamped - 14K
  • Brand: Jewels Obsession

  • Manufactured exclusively for JewelsObsession. This is a gorgeous 14k yellow gold 20mm mother mary earrings. This 14k yellow gold earrings measures 20 mm in length by 6 mm width. JewelsObsession creates all gold jewelry in our state of the art manufacturing facility. Please allow 5-10 business days for items to be created and prepared for shipping. (1.6)

    Jewels Obsession Virgin Mary Earrings | 14K Yellow Gold Mother M

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