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Boutique magnifying glassPortable 8" screen magnifier, collapsib


Boutique magnifying glassPortable 8" screen magnifier, collapsib

Product description


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With the popularity of smartphones, more and more people will use their mobile phones to watch movies and so on.The compact phone screen makes people feel very uncomfortable and watch for a long time.It can also cause a lot of damage to the eyes.This product will help them avoid these problems.
Type: mobile screen magnifier
Material: ABS + HD Acrylic Lens
Color: black, white
Compatible: so smartphone
Screen size: 8 inches
Screen size: 185x125mm
Package weight: about 253 grams
- Can be enlarged 2~3 times, the picture is clear and more dynamic
- Large screen but protects the eyes
- High quality, breakage resistant
- fashion design
- UV resistant, radiation resistant
- No battery required, foldable
- relieve cervical fatigue
- Light weight, small size and easy to carry
- Recommended viewing distance: 1-2 meters
Package Included:
1x mobile phone magnifier
Avoid use under strong light: It is best not to use this product under strong sunlight or strong light.It will show better under normal lighting conditions or in dark conditions.When not in use, use a soft cloth to protect the lens.
main role:
Used for philately, finance of the electronics industry, view banknotes, tickets, mail, coins, paper and shops. Quickly and accurately identify counterfeit banknotes with extremely high resolution and purple light errors, please use this instrument
Under this microscope, the pattern is clear and the lines are continuous. The pattern of counterfeit banknotes is mainly composed of dots, the lines are incoherent, shallow, fuzzy, and dimensionless

Boutique magnifying glassPortable 8" screen magnifier, collapsib

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