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Attention brand Leak-Proof High Reliability Solenoid Super sale St Valve Stainless Flexible

Leak-Proof High Reliability Solenoid Valve Flexible Stainless St


Leak-Proof High Reliability Solenoid Valve Flexible Stainless St

Product description


1. This solenoid valve opens and closes quickly, has stable performance, convenient use and high reliability.
2. The direct-acting solenoid valve is made of industrial grade stainless steel 304, which is very durable, flexible and leak-proof.
3. This valve has a wide range of applications and can be used in other neutral gases and liquids except water and gas.
4. The maximum operating pressure of this solenoid valve is 1MPa, and the maximum operating temperature is 80℃.
5. This normally closed solenoid valve is the best choice for high pressure and high temperature projects.


Item Type: Solenoid Valve

Material: Stainless steel 304
Valve Diameter: 1/2 in
Fluxion Bore Diameter: Approx. 16mm / 0.6in
Applicable Medium: Air, water, oil
Type: Two-way
Connection Form: Female thread

Fluxion Direction: One-way
Working Temperature: -5-80℃
Operating Pressure Range: 0-1.0 (MPa)

Action Mode: Direct action

Package List:

1 x

Leak-Proof High Reliability Solenoid Valve Flexible Stainless St

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