Profitz Kart Candleholder Centerpiece Purple with Large discharge sale Florals $35 Profitz Kart Candleholder Centerpiece with Purple Florals Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $35 Profitz Kart Candleholder Centerpiece with Purple Florals Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Candleholder,with,Kart,Centerpiece,Purple,$35,/Gastrophilus2448647.html,Florals,Profitz,,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products Profitz Kart Candleholder Centerpiece Purple with Large discharge sale Florals Candleholder,with,Kart,Centerpiece,Purple,$35,/Gastrophilus2448647.html,Florals,Profitz,,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products

Virginia Beach Mall Profitz Kart Candleholder Centerpiece Purple with Large discharge sale Florals

Profitz Kart Candleholder Centerpiece with Purple Florals


Profitz Kart Candleholder Centerpiece with Purple Florals

Product description

This spectacular floral arrangement features beautiful flowers and cascading ivy surrounding a glass hurricane and black iron stand. The glass hurricane holds your LED votive or tealight candle (sold separately). Glass, metal, polyester, plastic and rattan. 11"Dia. x 10"H. Choose: Pink, Purple or Yellow.

Profitz Kart Candleholder Centerpiece with Purple Florals

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