TomCare Solar String Lights Outdoo Flame Flickering safety Outdoo,Lights,Flickering,Solar,Flame,String,TomCare,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,/Gastrophilus2581547.html,$32,Solar,,Lights $32 TomCare Solar String Lights Flickering Flame Solar Lights Outdoo Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans TomCare Solar String Lights Outdoo Flame Flickering safety Outdoo,Lights,Flickering,Solar,Flame,String,TomCare,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,/Gastrophilus2581547.html,$32,Solar,,Lights $32 TomCare Solar String Lights Flickering Flame Solar Lights Outdoo Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans

TomCare Solar String Lights Financial sales sale Outdoo Flame Flickering safety

TomCare Solar String Lights Flickering Flame Solar Lights Outdoo


TomCare Solar String Lights Flickering Flame Solar Lights Outdoo

Product Description

solar string light
solar string lights

TomCare new version solar flame string light steers the space into a direction of elegance and charm, lighting up the outdoors in a way that creates a pleasant ambience. They are definitely the perfect addition for outdoor decoration.

Realistic Flickering Flame: The flickering flame effect is beautiful and attractive. This solar string light is a perfect addition to create pleasant ambience.

High Quality Bulbs:The bulbs are made of plastic , so it is shatterproof and convenient to use. And it is waterproof so that is it perfect for outdoor use.

Outdoor amp; Indoor Use:Equipped with a high capacity solar panel, it is solar powered, you can place it under direct sunlight for charging. Also, the USB cable is included in the package, you can simply connect micro-USB to recharge the light for indoor use.

Perfect Decoration: Each strand is 24.5 feet long which contains 10 hanging flame bulbs. The distance between each bulb is approximately 1.64 feet. And it is 6.24 feet between the solar panel and the first bulb. It will provide pleasant mood lighting that’s just right for you to enjoy.


Solar Panel: 5.5 V, 1.5W

Material: ABS plastic

Total Length: 24.5 ft

Bulb Spacing: 2.3 ft

Lead length: 6.24 ft

Bulb Count: 10 pcs

Package Included:

1 * Solar String Light

1 * USB Cable

1* Ground Stake

1 * Screw Set

10 * Zip Tie

1 * Instruction Manuel

TomCare Solar String Lights Flickering Flame Solar Lights Outdoo

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