Christmas,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,30CM,Christmas,Tree,Package,$156,Tree,Bonsai,PCS,/Gastrophilus2589847.html,,MDU-AFL,10 MDU-AFL 10 price PCS Christmas Bonsai Tree 30CM Package $156 MDU-AFL 10 PCS Christmas Tree 30CM Bonsai Christmas Tree Package Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Christmas,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,30CM,Christmas,Tree,Package,$156,Tree,Bonsai,PCS,/Gastrophilus2589847.html,,MDU-AFL,10 $156 MDU-AFL 10 PCS Christmas Tree 30CM Bonsai Christmas Tree Package Home Kitchen Home Décor Products MDU-AFL 10 price PCS Christmas Bonsai Tree 30CM Package

MDU-AFL 10 price PCS Christmas Bonsai Tree 30CM Spring new work Package

MDU-AFL 10 PCS Christmas Tree 30CM Bonsai Christmas Tree Package


MDU-AFL 10 PCS Christmas Tree 30CM Bonsai Christmas Tree Package

Product description

No matter where you place them, from the reception area to the lobby to the waiting room, our fake plants are a very stylish decoration that can attract every onlooker.
Bonsai is a form of communication between ancient art and modern art. It precisely trims various trees and shrubs into miniatures and is still as awesome as a full-size tree. Bonsai symbolizes wealth and noble accomplishment. Bonsai is a form of communication between ancient art and modern art. It precisely trims various trees and shrubs into miniatures and is still as awesome as a full-size tree. Bonsai symbolizes wealth and noble accomplishment.
This perfect Christmas tree is not only a Christmas decoration, but also a perfect holiday gift for friends and family.
【Christmas tree specifications】
Size: 30cm
Material: PVC + metal
Color: gold
Applicable scenes: school evenings, Christmas, birthday parties, bars, hotel halls, etc.
Delivery list: Christmas tree * 10 (other products are props)
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MDU-AFL 10 PCS Christmas Tree 30CM Bonsai Christmas Tree Package

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