Marvvdy Multifunctional Our shop OFFers the best service LED Digital Calendar+ Alarm Fluore Clock Marvvdy,Alarm,Multifunctional,Clock/Calendar+,Fluore,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Digital,/Gastrophilus2724247.html,,LED,$35 $35 Marvvdy Multifunctional LED Digital Alarm Clock/Calendar+ Fluore Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Marvvdy Multifunctional Our shop OFFers the best service LED Digital Calendar+ Alarm Fluore Clock Marvvdy,Alarm,Multifunctional,Clock/Calendar+,Fluore,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Digital,/Gastrophilus2724247.html,,LED,$35 $35 Marvvdy Multifunctional LED Digital Alarm Clock/Calendar+ Fluore Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Marvvdy Multifunctional Our New arrival shop OFFers the best service LED Digital Calendar+ Alarm Fluore Clock

Marvvdy Multifunctional LED Digital Alarm Clock/Calendar+ Fluore


Marvvdy Multifunctional LED Digital Alarm Clock/Calendar+ Fluore

Product description


Material: ABS + LED

Type of movement: Sweep second movement

Product size: 20*20*8.8cm

Color box packing size: 22.5*22.5*10.5cm

Gross weight: 1.1 kg

Power type: external power supply

Power supply: DC 12V/1A

Analog clock movement power supply: AA 1.5V battery (self-supplied)

LED lamp power: 3-7W

Mirror material: organic glass mirror

Packing list: host *1+ American standard charging cable *1+ English instruction *1+ screwdriver *1

Marvvdy Multifunctional LED Digital Alarm Clock/Calendar+ Fluore

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