$85 CYCY Home Desktop Computer Desk with Open Shelves, Two Shelves o Home Kitchen Furniture $85 CYCY Home Desktop Computer Desk with Open Shelves, Two Shelves o Home Kitchen Furniture CYCY Home Desktop Surprise price Computer Desk with Open Two Shelves o with,Shelves,,$85,Computer,o,Two,Shelves,/Gastrophilus3007347.html,Open,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,Desk,Desktop,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Home,CYCY CYCY Home Desktop Surprise price Computer Desk with Open Two Shelves o with,Shelves,,$85,Computer,o,Two,Shelves,/Gastrophilus3007347.html,Open,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,Desk,Desktop,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Home,CYCY

CYCY Home Desktop Surprise price Computer Desk with Open Two Shelves Super popular specialty store o

CYCY Home Desktop Computer Desk with Open Shelves, Two Shelves o


CYCY Home Desktop Computer Desk with Open Shelves, Two Shelves o

Product description

Bedroom Double Room Home Office Computer Desk
The desktop uses a first-grade fire board, a large and comfortable table top.
The overall structure is stable, the workbench is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, waterproof, and has no odor.
Precision workmanship, meticulous and excellent environmentally friendly plates.
Easy to assemble, the overall style is stylish.
Scope of application: office, bedroom, study, etc., the product has been rigorously tested, carrying a certain weight or placed for a period of time without deformation and bending.
Product Name: Desktop computer desk.
Product color:Brown.
Product weight: 16000g
Material: Man-made fiberboard.
Special design: sturdy structural design, Fine veneer, Rounded corners.
Function: Multi-function table can be used as table, dining table, desk, etc.
Product size:100 x 60 x 75cm
Packing size:110x66x9cm
Package Included:
1 desktop computer desk

CYCY Home Desktop Computer Desk with Open Shelves, Two Shelves o

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