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USOPHIA Grommet Semi Sheer Window Treatment,Man Silhouette of a


USOPHIA Grommet Semi Sheer Window Treatment,Man Silhouette of a

Product description


Whether are you tired of the invariable curtain style in your home?
As manufacturers of digitally printed home textiles, we follow current trends and bring you the latest home fashion.
With the beautiful color and exclusive pattern, the curtains can beautifully decorate your rooms.It fit for bedroom,living room,kid'room,nursery room,dining room,study room,office,hotel,store and more other places.


- Soft fabric,eco-friendly,durable and wear resistant
- Provide visibility while dispersing sun light.
- Grommet style and easy hanging
- Digital Printing,clear image,solid effect,realistic and vivid feeling,won't fade over and over.


Darker colors have a better blackout effect.
Due to differences in computer monitors, the colors may be slightly different between the actual product and what you see from your screen.

USOPHIA Grommet Semi Sheer Window Treatment,Man Silhouette of a

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