MKKM Colorful Glass Ceiling Lamp Hanging Restaurant Modern Surprise price Lant $67 MKKM Colorful Glass Ceiling Lamp, Modern Restaurant Hanging Lant Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans Lamp,,Ceiling,Lant,,MKKM,$67,Colorful,Hanging,/Gastrophilus3057047.html,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,Glass,Restaurant,Modern $67 MKKM Colorful Glass Ceiling Lamp, Modern Restaurant Hanging Lant Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans Lamp,,Ceiling,Lant,,MKKM,$67,Colorful,Hanging,/Gastrophilus3057047.html,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,Glass,Restaurant,Modern MKKM Colorful Glass Ceiling Lamp Hanging Restaurant Modern Surprise price Lant

MKKM Colorful Glass Ceiling Popular Lamp Hanging Restaurant Modern Surprise price Lant

MKKM Colorful Glass Ceiling Lamp, Modern Restaurant Hanging Lant


MKKM Colorful Glass Ceiling Lamp, Modern Restaurant Hanging Lant

Product description


This Beautiful Lantern Features a Fusion of Designs over Glass to Cast Delicate Shadow Patterns on the Walls When Lit in Dark.

the Warm Light Will Glow through the Shade Bringing Real Character Which in Turn is Visually Appealing.

Application: Indoor Lighting

Material: Glass + Wood

Product Size:


Chain Length: 100Cm (Adjustable)

Light Source Interface: E27

Light Source Type: Incandescent Lamp, Led, Energy Saving Lamp

Number of Lights: 1 (Without Bulbs)

Voltage: 110V~240V (We Will Prepare the Lighting Voltage According to the Voltage of the Buyer's Country)

Power: 5W~40W

Irradiation Area: 5㎡-35㎡

Suitable for Interior Space Such As Coffee Shop, Party, Apartment, Kitchen, Bar, Study, Dining Room, Cellar, Living Room, Etc.

Package Include:

1 * Indoor Pendant Lamp

.[Dispatch Time]: 1-2 Days,Estimated Time of Arrival: 12-25 Days,If You Have Any Questions,Pleet Contact Us Promptly,We Will Promptly Resolve Any Questions About the Product,Thanks!

MKKM Colorful Glass Ceiling Lamp, Modern Restaurant Hanging Lant

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