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Inrubie trust Rare Flannel Fleece Blanket Wolf Throw Paw and Warm Blankets

Inrubie Flannel Fleece Blanket,Wolf Paw Throw and Blankets,Warm


Inrubie Flannel Fleece Blanket,Wolf Paw Throw and Blankets,Warm

Product description


Product Material:

Anti-Flannel, 100% Microfiber

Product Size:

50x40 Inches (130cmx100cm)-Children

60x40 Inches (150cmx130cm)-Suitable For Teenagers

80x60 Inches (200cmx150cm)-Adult;


1. Great Gifts: These Hooded Blankets Are The Perfect Gifts For Four Seasons. It Can Convey Care And;

Blessings To Family, Friends, Etc. It Not Only Brings Warmth And Comfort, But Also Allows You To Get;

Care From Family And Friends.

2. High-Quality Materials: Our Blankets Are Soft To The Touch, Do Not Absorb Any Moisture, Do Not;

Fall Off, Are Light In Weight, Durable, Fully Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Wrinkle

Inrubie Flannel Fleece Blanket,Wolf Paw Throw and Blankets,Warm

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