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JJYPT Rechargeable Direct stock discount trend rank LED Folding Desk Table Lamp Eye-Caring Lamps

JJYPT Rechargeable LED Folding Desk Lamp Eye-Caring Table Lamps


JJYPT Rechargeable LED Folding Desk Lamp Eye-Caring Table Lamps

Product description

Product functions and features
- Soft light panel to meet different environmental uses
- Touch-pull panel design ,easy to adjust
- The LED light source saves energy and has a life of up to 50000 hours
- Can be used with USB charger, mobile power, computer USB port

Product Details
Light source: LED
Material: ABS
Style: modern and simple
Number of lamp beads: 30
Rated power: 5W
CRI: 80-89
Switch mode: touch
Shade material: plastic
Color temperature: warm light/natural light/cold light
Gear position: three levels of brightness
Version: Charging and plugging

- According to personal needs, you can adjust the height and direction of the luminaire to achieve the best use
- Can be used in home, office, dorm , piano, bedside or travelling for reading, study as natural light

Package Include:​
1 x Folding Desk Lamp
1 x USB Charging Cable

JJYPT Rechargeable LED Folding Desk Lamp Eye-Caring Table Lamps

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