Max 53% OFF Home Office Computer Desk with Hang Drawer Can Docu Letter-Sized Docu,Desk,Hang,Letter-Sized,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Drawer/Can,Home,Office,with,,$161,Computer,/antihierarchical2723879.html $161 Home Office Computer Desk with Drawer/Can Hang Letter-Sized Docu Home Kitchen Furniture Max 53% OFF Home Office Computer Desk with Hang Drawer Can Docu Letter-Sized $161 Home Office Computer Desk with Drawer/Can Hang Letter-Sized Docu Home Kitchen Furniture Docu,Desk,Hang,Letter-Sized,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Drawer/Can,Home,Office,with,,$161,Computer,/antihierarchical2723879.html

Max 53% OFF Home Office Computer Desk Deluxe with Hang Drawer Can Docu Letter-Sized

Home Office Computer Desk with Drawer/Can Hang Letter-Sized Docu


Home Office Computer Desk with Drawer/Can Hang Letter-Sized Docu

Product description

Color: brown

Product size: 65.3 inches long x 23.6 inches wide x 29.9 inches high

Bottom drawer size: 12.1 inches long x 13.1 inches wide x 9 inches high

Packing size: 61.02 inches long x 27.17 inches wide x 7 inches high

Total weight: 89.6

Net weight: 85.12

Desktop: Medium Density Fiberboard

Desk frame: strong metal frame

Capacity: 220 pounds

Assembly: Need to assemble

Usable area: home, office and all the places you need

Warranty: 1 yearlt;/brgt;

Home Office Computer Desk with Drawer/Can Hang Letter-Sized Docu

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