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Garden Hand Trowel Shovel with Cheap mail order specialty store Lightweight Cons Stainless Steel Excellence

Garden Hand Trowel, Shovel with Lightweight Stainless Steel Cons


Garden Hand Trowel, Shovel with Lightweight Stainless Steel Cons

Product description

A small and practical weeding tool!

This one is different from other weeding tools,

The thickened stainless steel part at the front has a corner arc,

The arc of the sector has a blade,

By holding the handle and pushing hard against the ground,

You can easily hang off the weeds on the surface of the soil that are not particularly deep!

Suitable for small gardens and vegetable gardens, etc.

The handle is Fraxinus mandshurica and the front is thick stainless steel!

Hope you love flowers and tools, you will need it,

I hope you can take this gadget to make them glow in your garden!

Due to differences between different displays, the image may not reflect the actual colors of the project. We guarantee the same style as shown in the picture.

Due to manual measurement and different measurement methods, please allow 1-3 cm deviation. Thank you!


-Material: Stainless steel + wooden handle

-Product weight: 1800g

-Color: as shown

-Size: 30.7 * 13.2 * CM


1X stainless steel shovel

Garden Hand Trowel, Shovel with Lightweight Stainless Steel Cons

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