/antihierarchical3007279.html,Bowls,Bowl,EIERFSKIOT,Cereal,Soup,Noodle,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,Large,Ramen,$59,Ramen,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Bowls /antihierarchical3007279.html,Bowls,Bowl,EIERFSKIOT,Cereal,Soup,Noodle,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,Large,Ramen,$59,Ramen,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Bowls EIERFSKIOT Noodle Bowl Cereal Bowls outlet Soup Large Ramen $59 EIERFSKIOT Noodle Bowl Cereal Bowls Ramen Bowls Large Soup Ramen Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $59 EIERFSKIOT Noodle Bowl Cereal Bowls Ramen Bowls Large Soup Ramen Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining EIERFSKIOT Noodle Bowl Cereal Bowls outlet Soup Large Ramen

EIERFSKIOT Noodle Bowl shop Cereal Bowls outlet Soup Large Ramen

EIERFSKIOT Noodle Bowl Cereal Bowls Ramen Bowls Large Soup Ramen


EIERFSKIOT Noodle Bowl Cereal Bowls Ramen Bowls Large Soup Ramen

Product description


★ Name: hand-painted palace bowl

★ Material: porcelain

★ Color: Blue , Green , Red

★ Origin: Japen

★ Pieces: 1

★ Size: 7.7 inches salad / soup / noodle / mixing bowl: diameter 19.5 cm, high 7.3 cm.

★ Style: Japanese-style, retro,simple elegant, suitable for all occasion, great size for all kinds of party food.

★ Function: Big capacity meets soup ramen noodle fruit salad steak pasta cereal dessert vegetable sushi snack side food dish etc.

★ Product notes:

1. For ceramic/ porcelain products, there may be fine pits, bubbles or black spots, etc., which are normal process phenomena and do not affect its use.

2. Manual measurement of the size of 1-2cm difference, please understand, thank you.

EIERFSKIOT Noodle Bowl Cereal Bowls Ramen Bowls Large Soup Ramen

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