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Cleveland Screw Machine Drill Bit Our shop most Brand Cheap Sale Venue popular Size #21

Cleveland Screw Machine Drill Bit, Drill Bit Size #21, Drill Bit


Cleveland Screw Machine Drill Bit, Drill Bit Size #21, Drill Bit

Product description

These screw-machine length drill bits meet National Aerospace Standards (NAS) 907 Type C for drill bits used in aircraft repair and production. They have a bright finish that is not affected when their cutting edges are resharpened. Spiral-flute drill bits evacuate chips as the bits drill into a workpiece.,High-speed steel screw-machine length drill bits provide more flexibility and absorb more shock and vibration than cobalt, powdered-metal, and carbide screw-machine length drill bits, making them suitable for use in manual drilling machines and handheld power tools. They may leave a rough finish on the hole. Screw-machine length drill bits are shorter than jobber length and maintenance length drill bits of the same size. Also called stub length drill bits, they provide more strength and rigidity and can drill straighter holes than longer drill bits. Their short length also allows them to access tight spaces where longer drill bits cannot fit.


California Residents: This product and/or packaging can expose you to chemicals including Styrene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Cleveland Screw Machine Drill Bit, Drill Bit Size #21, Drill Bit

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