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CCDMJ Solar Max 64% OFF System Galaxy Bedding Set 3 Queen Zipper Max 74% OFF Closu Piece

CCDMJ Solar System Galaxy Bedding Set 3 Piece Queen Zipper Closu


CCDMJ Solar System Galaxy Bedding Set 3 Piece Queen Zipper Closu

Product description



Queen size: Quilt cover: 90 × 90 inch, Pillowcases: 20x 30inch
King size: 90 x 104 inch, pillowcases: 20 x 36 inch
Material: Polyester
Package Included: 3pcs (1 comforter cover + 2 pillow sheets)

Secure Corner Ties: Secure your quilt, comforter and duvet in right place with sewed ties in 4 corners to ensure comfy sleep all season

Convenience: It rolls up for easy storage and travel, easy to disassemble and clean

Feature: It is available in all seasons,microfiber polyester super soft and comfortable, eco Friendly, digital printing, more durable than Cotton

Decoration: Vivid Print will transform any bedroom, guest room, kids room, RV, or vacation home; Perfect decoration for your any room

Gift: It's perfect gift for for yourself, family, friends, loved ones; Best Father's Day gift, Mother's Day gift, Halloween gift, Christmas gift, New Year gift, or birthday gift, new home moving gift

Purchasing Notes:
Please allow little color difference due to different camera or light environment
All sizes are manually measured, the margin of error is 1 inch
If you have any question, Please feel free to contact us by Amazon Email, you won't have any worries, we will try our best to serve you

CCDMJ Solar System Galaxy Bedding Set 3 Piece Queen Zipper Closu

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