,Holder,$28,Moder,Black,,NEWRAIN,Mounted,Wall,Matte,Home Kitchen , Bath,Brush,Toilet,with,/atrichosis2448894.html $28 Toilet Brush with Holder Wall Mounted Matte Black, NEWRAIN Moder Home Kitchen Bath,Holder,$28,Moder,Black,,NEWRAIN,Mounted,Wall,Matte,Home Kitchen , Bath,Brush,Toilet,with,/atrichosis2448894.html Popular brand in the world Toilet Brush with Holder Wall Black Mounted Matte NEWRAIN Moder $28 Toilet Brush with Holder Wall Mounted Matte Black, NEWRAIN Moder Home Kitchen Bath Popular brand in the world Toilet Brush with Holder Wall Black Mounted Matte NEWRAIN Moder

Popular brand in the Finally resale start world Toilet Brush with Holder Wall Black Mounted Matte NEWRAIN Moder

Toilet Brush with Holder Wall Mounted Matte Black, NEWRAIN Moder


Toilet Brush with Holder Wall Mounted Matte Black, NEWRAIN Moder

Product description


This piece of toilet brush holder fits people who have difficulty to keep brush cleaner organized.

It is very convenient as it comes in a set. You do not have to worry about mix and matching since you already have the best combination of cleaning kits reaching your doorstep.


Type:Toilet brush holder

Style: Modern

Finish: 3-Layers Matte Black Finish

Color: Matte Black

Material: Stainless Steel

Dimension: L14.8*W13.59*H33.5cm

WHOLE SERIES: Towel Rack, single towel bar, double towel bar, toilet paper holder, toilet paper holder with the cover, bathroom shelf, the robe hooks , the toothbrush holder, toilet brush holder, the soap dish, the towel ring.

Decoration style: This is the innovative design style which includes the technology of the brushed finish and the fashionable outline. What's more, the high quality guarantee the durability. We advise you to buy the whole series of this kind of bathroom accessories so that you can decorate your bathroom in one style and make your bathroom more harmonious and beautiful.


1. Clean the surface regularly with water or the neutral detergent and wipe with a soft cloth.

2.Pay attention to clean the concealment part of the product to guarantee its' durability.

Toilet Brush with Holder Wall Mounted Matte Black, NEWRAIN Moder

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