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High quality XYSQWZ Pancake Pan7 Hole Frying Pot Thickened Omelet Non Sale SALE% OFF Pan Sti

XYSQWZ Pancake Pan7 Hole Frying Pot Thickened Omelet Pan Non Sti


XYSQWZ Pancake Pan7 Hole Frying Pot Thickened Omelet Pan Non Sti

Product description

Welcome to our shop!
We have a variety of styles of cookware for you to choose from!
The handle of our product is made of bakelite, which is non-slip and wear-resistant. At the same time, it is comfortable to hold.

Adopting rivet connection, our product is sturdy, durable, safe and reliable.

Using non-stick coating, stains doesnt remain easily. And our product is safe and healthy.

Material: Aluminum alloy
Colour: Black
Size: 47*30*2.5cm
Type: 7 holes
The packaging includes:
1*frying pan

Clean the new pot and then dry it over medium heat to ensure that there is no moisture at the bottom of the pot. Turn down the fire. Pour in the right amount of oil and cover the pot with paper towels and chopsticks or clips for 2 minutes. Wash and use.

Do not use dry fire or iron balls when cleaning. Suitable for gas stoves, not for induction cookers.

Packing list
The packaging includes:
1*frying panSkid resistant, wearable, ergonomic design, feel comfortable.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Your satisfaction means everything. If you're not satisfied with our products, just contact us . We provide effective and warm after-sale service.

XYSQWZ Pancake Pan7 Hole Frying Pot Thickened Omelet Pan Non Sti

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