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safety VIDOME Cheap mail order specialty store Rechargeable Pool Lights For Pools Above Led Ground

VIDOME Rechargeable Pool Lights For Above Ground Pools, Led Pool


VIDOME Rechargeable Pool Lights For Above Ground Pools, Led Pool

Product Description

rechargeable led light submersible pool light underwater lights waterproof

  • OMG! We Are So Excited To Tell You, VIDOME Led Pool Light Can Read Your Mind!
  • 1.Are you annoy that battery operated led lights eat batteries very fast, and waste your money? VIDOME light: Rechargeable with large capacity battery 2600mAh , 1 rechargeable battery = 3000+ pcs AA batteries. Just 5 hours full charged, it can display 50-120 hours, save your money!
  • 2.Are you tired of not full waterproof submersible led light? VIDOME light: Full waterproof. We updated to all in one structure, no need to open the led pool light to replace battery, and we use thicker sealing ring, so you no need to worry the pool light will leak again!
  • 3.Are you worry that the underwater light is not bright enough? VIDOME light: Bright and durable. We use large capacity rechargeable battery 2600mAh, 5 times brighter than small capacity rechargeable batter 1000mAh or standard AA or AAA batteries!
  • 4.Are you mad about small suction cup that cannot hold light, make your underwater lights always drop out? VIDOME light: We updated with super large (HUGE) suction cup, 80 mm diameter, and we updated the suction cup structure by quick handle, it will expel all the gas just one press, and make the suction cup in vacuum status, so it will attach on the smooth surface super tight!
  • Note: 1.If you want to remove the suction cup, please screw off the led light first, then pull up the handle to loose the sucking power, finally, lift up the small silicone ear to remove the suction cup. 2. If you don’t loose the sucking power, it will not able to remove the suction cup, because it’s too TIGHT! Violently pull out the suction cup may hurt your hand, thanks!
  • 5.Are you worried that rust magnet that will make your pool dirty? VIDOME light: We made the magnets outside of the water, so it will be always dry, never rust!
above ground rechargeable pool light


●Rechargeable Light battery: Included, 2600mAh;

●Remote battery: 1x CR2025 battery(included);

● Full charged:5 hours;

●Super large suction cup diameter: 80mm;

●Magnet: Anti-rust, enhanced power;

●Waterproof: IP68 level;

●Light battery life: 50-120 hours ( Depends on the button you choose);

●Dimension: 3.1*3.1*1.5 inch;

rechargeable led light submersible pool light underwater lights waterproof

2 Ways of Controling

1. Push button

Steady color: White, red, green, blue;

Color changing: Flash;

2. Remote control

●Steady colors:16;

●Color changing: Yes;

●Color changing modes: flash, fade, smooth;

●Timer: 2H,4H, 6H;

●Brightness adjustable: Yes, 5 levels;

●Memory function: Yes;

●One RF(Radio frequency) remote can control multiple (all) lights;

●Max remote range: 200ft/61m in air, 10-16.6ft/3-5m underwater;

●Recommended remote range: 80ft in air, 5ft underwater;

rechargeable led pool light submersible led light waterproof underwater light

For Suction Cup:

●VIDOME suction cup is SUPER "HUGE", with quick handle, it will expel all the gas just one press, and make the suction cup in vacuum status, so it will stick SUPER TIGHT.

● If you want to remove the suction cup, please loose the handle to release the sucking pressure first.

●Suction cup can be used in both air and underwater only on flat and smooth surfaces, not for rough surface.

●Clean the surface before attaching, make sure there is no any lubricant likes shower gel, moss etc any stuff between the surface and suction cups. Mind the gap between two small ceramic tile, will not work on the surface of small piece of small ceramic tile pool. (very important)

For Antirust Magnet:

●Magnetic can work on any iron place which can be attracted by magnet, especially rough vertical surface, but not for smooth vertical surface, please use suction cup instead.

●VIDOME magnetic is out side of water, so it's always dry, will not rust and make your pool dirty.

led pool light submersible led light waterproof under water lights

Don't open the light by yourself, it will destry the full waterproof structure, and lead to leak.

rechargeable led light submersible pool light underwater lights waterproof

VIDOME Rechargeable Pool Lights For Above Ground Pools, Led Pool

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