$23 Searching For The Young Soul Rebels [Limited Red Colored Vinyl] CDs Vinyl Indie Alternative The,For,CDs Vinyl , Indie Alternative,$23,Soul,Vinyl],Young,Rebels,[Limited,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,/atrichosis2808694.html,Red,Searching,Colored $23 Searching For The Young Soul Rebels [Limited Red Colored Vinyl] CDs Vinyl Indie Alternative The,For,CDs Vinyl , Indie Alternative,$23,Soul,Vinyl],Young,Rebels,[Limited,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,/atrichosis2808694.html,Red,Searching,Colored Searching For Ranking TOP17 The Young Soul Vinyl Limited Rebels Colored Red Searching For Ranking TOP17 The Young Soul Vinyl Limited Rebels Colored Red

Searching For Ranking TOP17 The Young Soul Vinyl Limited Rebels Colored Red A surprise price is realized

Searching For The Young Soul Rebels [Limited Red Colored Vinyl]


Searching For The Young Soul Rebels [Limited Red Colored Vinyl]

Editorial Reviews

Limited red vinyl. Debut studio album by the English pop group. Recorded during April 1980, the album combines the aggressiveness of punk rock with soul music, particularly influenced by the Northern Soul movement. The album was preceded by and contains the hit-single 'Geno', which topped the UK Singles Chart. It also contains two other charting singles: 'Dance Stance' (re-recorded as 'Burn It Down') and 'There, There, My Dear'.

Searching For The Young Soul Rebels [Limited Red Colored Vinyl]

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