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SXRDZ European 55% OFF Style Antique Telephones C Retro Rare American Fashion

SXRDZ European Style Antique Telephones American Retro Fashion C


SXRDZ European Style Antique Telephones American Retro Fashion C

Product description

Welcome to the SXRDZ shop.
The simple and elegant desn of the wired telephone makes it the perfect decoration for bedrooms, living rooms and offices.
Product name: Telephone
Material: Metal,Resin,Wood
Telephone Diameter: 17cm
Telephone Hh: 32cm
Microphone length: 25cm
Application: Bedroom, Study Room, Living Room, Hotels,Others
If you have any questiom, please tell us.

SXRDZ European Style Antique Telephones American Retro Fashion C

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