Transparent,with,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,,$86,Foldable,/beisa2448897.html,Waterproof,Wind,Eyelets,,Tarpaulin,Pro Tarpaulin Transparent Waterproof with Foldable Pro Wind Luxury Eyelets $86 Tarpaulin Transparent Waterproof with Eyelets, Foldable Wind Pro Tools Home Improvement Hardware Transparent,with,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,,$86,Foldable,/beisa2448897.html,Waterproof,Wind,Eyelets,,Tarpaulin,Pro Tarpaulin Transparent Waterproof with Foldable Pro Wind Luxury Eyelets $86 Tarpaulin Transparent Waterproof with Eyelets, Foldable Wind Pro Tools Home Improvement Hardware

Tarpaulin Transparent Waterproof with Foldable Pro Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Wind Luxury Eyelets

Tarpaulin Transparent Waterproof with Eyelets, Foldable Wind Pro


Tarpaulin Transparent Waterproof with Eyelets, Foldable Wind Pro

Product description


Product Specifications:

Name: Transparent Tarpaulin Sheet
Colour: White
Thickness: 0.81mm
Weight: 650g/㎡
Material: PVC
Waterproof Performance: 99.99%
Product Features: Waterproof and sun-resistant | tear-resistant and wear-resistant | cold and frost-resistant | soft and easy to stack | environmentally friendly and light

Package List: 1 x Tarpaulin Sheets

Friendly Reminder:

①The specification size is the blanking size. The actual size of the tarpaulin needs to be heat-sealed and spliced ​​and the finished product is slightly smaller.
②Thickness and weight are measured manually, there is a slight deviation, it is not a quality problem!
③If you encounter any problems during use, please send us an email and we will be at your service at any time.

Tarpaulin Transparent Waterproof with Eyelets, Foldable Wind Pro

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