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TH XHome Tablecloth Linen Super beauty product restock quality top! Burlap Easter Happy Weights Gn Directly managed store Fabric

TH XHome Tablecloth Linen Burlap Weights Fabric,Happy Easter Gn


TH XHome Tablecloth Linen Burlap Weights Fabric,Happy Easter Gn

Product description

Size:54x120 Inch

Durable Tablecloth made of premium heavy duty Linen Burlap Fabric,Wrinkle-Resistant,Shrink-Proof,Heat Resistant,Stain Proof,Oil Proof,Spillproof,Non-slip,Reusable
Modern weight fabric tablecloths perfect for an everyday table setting:Rectangular table,Square table,Round table,Dining table,Buffet tables,tea table,coffee table,kitchen table.
Washable Dining Tabletop Cover Perfect for holiday parties,birthday,wedding,baby shower,Christmas,mother’s day,father’s day,Easter,Halloween,valentine's day,new year decor
Vivid Pattern Prints
Luxury Table cloth can match all kinds of styles(farmhouse/rustic/modern/flag/natural/landscape) of furniture,easy to be used as a table mat, place mat, pot mat,no fade,Eco-friendly.
Size Chart:

TH XHome Tablecloth Linen Burlap Weights Fabric,Happy Easter Gn

Tradeshows Simply fairs
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