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CHLDDHC Ranking TOP11 Waterproof Garden Patio Furniture Cover F depot l Shape

CHLDDHC Waterproof Garden Patio Furniture Cover l Shape Garden F


CHLDDHC Waterproof Garden Patio Furniture Cover l Shape Garden F

Product description

CHLDDHC Furniture Dust Cover - Perfect for protects your patio furniture against sunlight, strong wind, rain, snow, sand storm, dust, and dirt in all seasons, and it won't crack in cold weather.

This comes in a storage bag so great for when not needed in the summer. It is a good thickness and waterproof. It also has a drawstring so you can secure it from blowing away.

Type: Garden Furniture Cover

Package Contents:
1 x Patio Table Cover
1 x Storage Bag

Warm Tips:
1.Please Measure Before Purchasing: A slightly larger one is advised.
2.For daily maintenance, please use soft hair brush. No machines wash or dry clean.
3.When the wind is very strong, we suggest that you can put some heavy items on the furniture cover to better prevent the cover and furniture from being blow off.

Satisfactory Service:We are committed to ensuring that you are 100% satisfied, If you have any questions, please contact us directly

CHLDDHC Waterproof Garden Patio Furniture Cover l Shape Garden F

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