$106 ZHOUZHONGLAN Comfortable Set of 2 Yellow Velvet Dining Chairs Ea Home Kitchen Furniture ZHOUZHONGLAN Comfortable Set of 2 Dining Velvet Yellow Ea Cheap Chairs ZHOUZHONGLAN Comfortable Set of 2 Dining Velvet Yellow Ea Cheap Chairs Dining,Set,Comfortable,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,of,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Ea,Yellow,2,/beisa2784997.html,Velvet,$106,ZHOUZHONGLAN,Chairs Dining,Set,Comfortable,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,of,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Ea,Yellow,2,/beisa2784997.html,Velvet,$106,ZHOUZHONGLAN,Chairs $106 ZHOUZHONGLAN Comfortable Set of 2 Yellow Velvet Dining Chairs Ea Home Kitchen Furniture

ZHOUZHONGLAN Comfortable Set of 2 Dining Velvet Yellow Ea Cheap Now on sale Chairs

ZHOUZHONGLAN Comfortable Set of 2 Yellow Velvet Dining Chairs Ea


ZHOUZHONGLAN Comfortable Set of 2 Yellow Velvet Dining Chairs Ea

Product description


Product Name Set of 2 YELLOW velvet dining chairs
Main Color Yellow
Main Material Fabric
Product Size 19(W)*25(D)*34(H)inch
Package Size 24.00 * 20.00 * 19.00 inches 36.00lbs
Whether Installation Manual is provided Yes
Padded 100% polyurethane upholstered dining chairs provide a comfortable seating surface.

Easy assembly, which providing detail instructions and numbering accessories, not difficulties will challenge your assembly

Its structure entirely made of metal will offer you an important solidity and stability of seating. In addition, each leg is equipped with protective tips to protect your floors from possible scratches.

ZHOUZHONGLAN Comfortable Set of 2 Yellow Velvet Dining Chairs Ea

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