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LZLYER Wall Lamp Chandelier Max 47% OFF free shipping Metal Led Sco Industrial Black

LZLYER Wall Lamp Chandelier Metal Black Industrial Led Metal Sco


LZLYER Wall Lamp Chandelier Metal Black Industrial Led Metal Sco

Product description

Buy with Confidence: Guaranteed to Have Adhered the Most Demanding Quality Control Procedures. Any Problems, Please Feel Free to Tell Us Directly, We Will Solve the Problem for You Within 24 Hours.


Our Customers' Satisfaction is Extremely Important to Us, If You Have Any Problems About the Products, Please Contact Us at the First Time and Our Friendly Customer Service Team Will Respond to You As Soon As Possible.

Light Information:

Category: Wall Metal

Usage: Indoor Lighting,Hallway

Shade Shape: Cage


Color: Black


Size: Mini (12 In. Wide and Less)

Fixture Height: 11.81 inch (30 Cm)

Fixture Width: 4.72 inch (12 Cm)

Canopy Width: 4.53 inch (11.5 Cm)

Shade Height: 7.09 inch (18 Cm)

Bulb Information:

Bulb Type: Led/Cfl/Incandescent

Bulb Base: E26/E27

Bulb Included or Not: Bulb Not Included

Number of Bulbs: 1

Wattage Per Bulb: Max 40W

Package Include:

1 Wall Light Set (Bulb is Not Included)


Do Not Connect Electricity Until Your Fixture is Fully Assembled.

Take Care Some Small Parts Away for Children from Chocking Hazard.

Light Fixture Need to Be Handled Carefully, Contact Us If Any Issue About Our Products

【Dispatch Time】: 1-2 Days,Estimated Time of Arrival: 12-25 Days,If You Have Any Questions,Pleet Contact Us Promptly,We Will Promptly Resolve Any Questions About the Product,Thanks!

LZLYER Wall Lamp Chandelier Metal Black Industrial Led Metal Sco

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