Hinata,Sided,Anime,Woodr,Double,/besieged2746373.html,Blend,Resolution,$35,High,Home Kitchen , Bedding,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,S,Kaho,3D Hinata,Sided,Anime,Woodr,Double,/besieged2746373.html,Blend,Resolution,$35,High,Home Kitchen , Bedding,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,S,Kaho,3D Woodr Kaho Hinata Blend S 3D Anime High order Double High Sided Resolution $35 Woodr Kaho Hinata Blend S 3D Double Sided High Resolution Anime Home Kitchen Bedding $35 Woodr Kaho Hinata Blend S 3D Double Sided High Resolution Anime Home Kitchen Bedding Woodr Kaho Hinata Blend S 3D Anime High order Double High Sided Resolution

Woodr Kaho Hinata Blend S 3D Anime High order Max 49% OFF Double Sided Resolution

Woodr Kaho Hinata Blend S 3D Double Sided High Resolution Anime


Woodr Kaho Hinata Blend S 3D Double Sided High Resolution Anime

Product description

Welcome to the ---Woodr--- store. There are other animation products to choose from in the store, which are very suitable for every room. These beds can be easily combined with most styles of decoration and furniture, and their unique details bring you subtle style and elegance. ❤ Fabric features: ✪Peach skin : 100% real peach leather. The surface of the peach skin fabric is soft and moist with a silky peach feel. Because it is woven with an ultra-fine, high-density denier system, it is also moisture-permeable and water-repellent. It's very shiny with no obvious scratches or dirt. ✪2Way Tricot : Spandex 18% polyester fiber 82%. A soft and damp fabric with a smooth texture, excellent elasticity in the vertical and horizontal directions, and a soft touch and hand feeling that is not easy to fade even after washing. This is the best outer fabric on the market. When the pillowcase is installed, there is no sense of displacement between the body pillow and the bedspread. ✉Product Notes: ★ Do not hang or use the dryer to dry, and avoid direct sunlight and humid places such as the bathroom. For stubborn stains, please use bleach-free soap and a soft toothbrush to gently wipe them off. ★ All products are checked before shipping. Please rest assured that you need to buy them. ★ If defective products are found for manufacturing reasons, please contact us. ★ Package includes: a pillow case, not a pillow pad or padding. ★ Due to different camera lenses and different lighting environments or screen displays, the color of the actual project may be slightly different from the picture. ★ Since it is hand-sewn and hand-sewn, the size deviation is 6%. Thank you for your understanding. ❤We are waiting for your purchase! If you have any questions or want to know, please send us an email. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Enjoy shopping!

Woodr Kaho Hinata Blend S 3D Double Sided High Resolution Anime

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