$291 DXXWANG 42'' Square Table Top with Reversible Laminate Top (Colo Home Kitchen Furniture $291 DXXWANG 42'' Square Table Top with Reversible Laminate Top (Colo Home Kitchen Furniture DXXWANG 42'' Square Table Top Direct store Laminate Reversible Colo with DXXWANG 42'' Square Table Top Direct store Laminate Reversible Colo with Top,/conditionalism2581675.html,Square,(Colo,DXXWANG,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,42'',Home Kitchen , Furniture,Table,Top,$291,Laminate,with,Reversible Top,/conditionalism2581675.html,Square,(Colo,DXXWANG,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,42'',Home Kitchen , Furniture,Table,Top,$291,Laminate,with,Reversible

DXXWANG 42'' Square Table Top Atlanta Mall Direct store Laminate Reversible Colo with

DXXWANG 42'' Square Table Top with Reversible Laminate Top (Colo


DXXWANG 42'' Square Table Top with Reversible Laminate Top (Colo

Product description


Complete your restaurant, break room or cafeteria with this reversible table top.
The reversible laminate top features two different laminate finishes. Choose your color of choice and bolt to the compatible sized base.
Surface is heat, scratch and moisture resistant. Use a mild detergent and water, dry clean to keep your tables spotless.
This table top is designed for commercial use so you will be assured it will withstand the daily rigors in the hospitality industry.

DXXWANG 42'' Square Table Top with Reversible Laminate Top (Colo

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