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HAMKL 40% OFF Cheap Sale Outdoor Fire Pit 22inch Tucson Mall Grill Bowl Iron BBQ Patio

HAMKL Outdoor Fire Pit,22inch Patio Iron Fire Pit Bowl BBQ Grill


HAMKL Outdoor Fire Pit,22inch Patio Iron Fire Pit Bowl BBQ Grill

Product description


This 22\ four feet iron brazier is a best choice for you. Its distressed bronze shape, lattice detailing is a perfect decoration to decorate your yard. You can put it by the poolside or backyard. its pit can provide many space for fire, which gives you comfortable and warm space all night. Its lightweight and durable material made the pit more utility. The shelf can be put some wood on it. You will like it so what are you waiting for?


1. Delicate shape can decorate the yard

2. Durable material is very utility

3. You can put woods on the shelf

4. Flame-retardant spark guard provide you a safe and clan environment

5. Lightweight make it carry conveniently

6. Heat resistance paint does not fade easily


1. Material: 100% Iron

2. Color: Black

3. Weight: 17.64lb / 8kg

4. Dimensions: (22 x22 x 27.5)\ / (56 x 56x70)cm (L x W x H)

5. Brazier Thickness: 0.02\ / 0.6mm

6. Shelf Thickness: 0.03\ / 0.8mm

7. Feet Thickness: 0.04\ / 1.1mm

Packaging Includes:

1 x Fire Pit

1 x Mesh Enclosure

1 x Ashes Fork

1 x Manual


It doesn't include grill or dust shield.

HAMKL Outdoor Fire Pit,22inch Patio Iron Fire Pit Bowl BBQ Grill

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