Fan,Fan,MingrXieh,$25,,/conditionalism2724175.html,Tabletop,Mini,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,A,Air,Air-Circulator,Desk,Cooler $25 MingrXieh Mini Fan Desk Fan Air Cooler Tabletop Air-Circulator A Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality $25 MingrXieh Mini Fan Desk Fan Air Cooler Tabletop Air-Circulator A Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality MingrXieh Mini Fan Desk Air Cooler Be super welcome Air-Circulator A Tabletop Fan,Fan,MingrXieh,$25,,/conditionalism2724175.html,Tabletop,Mini,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,A,Air,Air-Circulator,Desk,Cooler MingrXieh Mini Fan Desk Air Cooler Be super welcome Air-Circulator A Tabletop

MingrXieh Mini Fan Desk Max 71% OFF Air Cooler Be super welcome Air-Circulator A Tabletop

MingrXieh Mini Fan Desk Fan Air Cooler Tabletop Air-Circulator A


MingrXieh Mini Fan Desk Fan Air Cooler Tabletop Air-Circulator A

Product description

Rapid Air Circulation: The circulatory fan keeps the air in motion. Hence, you can enjoy fresh air even when you are not facing the fan. The fan makes the room more comfortable and offers multi-directional airflow.
Material: ABS / silicone / electronic components
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Size: 196*117*204mm
Weight: 374/564g
Color: White , Blue , Pink
Input: DC5V
Working current: 0.4A-1.4A
Charging current: 1A
Power: 2W-7W
Length of use: Low: 4.5H Mid-range: 2H High: 1H
Charging time: 3 hours or so
Fan wind speed: Low: 2.54m/s Mid-range: 3.42m/s High: 3.94m/s
Motor speed: Low: 1570rpm Mid-range: 2050rpm High: 2450rpm
Fan noise: Low: 30dB Mid-range: 38dB High: 46dB
Powerful Vortex Action: Utilizes signature Vortex air circulation and an energy-efficient, more effectively move air throughout the entire room. The fan is also energy efficient and doesn’t consume much power.

MingrXieh Mini Fan Desk Fan Air Cooler Tabletop Air-Circulator A

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