Bentley Lime Green 20 oz. Tumblers 8 free shipping Set TM-4018 of Bentley Lime Green 20 oz. Tumblers 8 free shipping Set TM-4018 of,(TM-4018),8,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Set,of,Green,20,oz.,/conditionalism3056775.html,Bentley,Tumblers,,Lime,$42 $42 Bentley Lime Green 20 oz. Tumblers, Set of 8 (TM-4018) Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining,(TM-4018),8,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Set,of,Green,20,oz.,/conditionalism3056775.html,Bentley,Tumblers,,Lime,$42 $42 Bentley Lime Green 20 oz. Tumblers, Set of 8 (TM-4018) Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Bentley Lime Green 20 oz. Tumblers 8 free shipping Set A surprise price is realized TM-4018 of

Bentley Lime Green 20 oz. Tumblers, Set of 8 (TM-4018)


Bentley Lime Green 20 oz. Tumblers, Set of 8 (TM-4018)

Product description

All Bentley Drinkware and Tableware products are manufactured in Perryville, Arkansas. All products are BPA-free. Their products are made from a durable SAN plastic that stands up well to everyday wear and tear. There is a lifetime guarantee on all tumblers against breakage. Products are dishwasher safe and will not crack or haze. It is not advised to use any Bentley Drinkware or Tableware products in microwave. The glasses are tip-resistant and the 20-oz. is perfectly sized for kids or adults.

Bentley Lime Green 20 oz. Tumblers, Set of 8 (TM-4018)

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