PYapron Multi Skirt Holder Set of 360° 2 Max 80% OFF Hooks Swivel Compact $49 PYapron Multi Skirt Holder Set of 2, Compact, 360° Swivel Hooks, Home Kitchen Storage Organization Compact,,Holder,of,360°,Hooks,,,/cupping2449066.html,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,2,,$49,Swivel,Multi,Skirt,PYapron,Set $49 PYapron Multi Skirt Holder Set of 2, Compact, 360° Swivel Hooks, Home Kitchen Storage Organization Compact,,Holder,of,360°,Hooks,,,/cupping2449066.html,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,2,,$49,Swivel,Multi,Skirt,PYapron,Set PYapron Multi Skirt Holder Set of 360° 2 Max 80% OFF Hooks Swivel Compact

PYapron Multi Skirt Holder Set of 360° 2 Max 80% OFF Hooks Max 57% OFF Swivel Compact

PYapron Multi Skirt Holder Set of 2, Compact, 360° Swivel Hooks,


PYapron Multi Skirt Holder Set of 2, Compact, 360° Swivel Hooks,

Product description

Color:Retro Color

Multi Skirt Hanger Set of 2

If you don’t have lots of storage space available, this multi coat hanger set of 2 is just what you need.
You can use them to store clothes free from creases and wrinkles.
All clips can be adjusted and hold on firmly.
As they are rubber-coated, they do not leave any marks on your clothes.
The hooks swivel at 360 degrees, so you can decide whether to use them on a door or closet.

Included in Delivery
2 x Multi Coat Hanger
Decorative items shown in product photos are not included

PYapron Multi Skirt Holder Set of 2, Compact, 360° Swivel Hooks,

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