Semi,Light,Invisible,/cupping2723866.html,$52,Acrylic,Ceiling,Fan,,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,19.7",LED,Round,,WJHWSX $52 WJHWSX 19.7" Invisible Ceiling LED Light Fan, Round Acrylic Semi Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans WJHWSX 19.7" Invisible Ceiling Nippon regular agency LED Acrylic Round Semi Fan Light WJHWSX 19.7" Invisible Ceiling Nippon regular agency LED Acrylic Round Semi Fan Light Semi,Light,Invisible,/cupping2723866.html,$52,Acrylic,Ceiling,Fan,,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,19.7",LED,Round,,WJHWSX $52 WJHWSX 19.7" Invisible Ceiling LED Light Fan, Round Acrylic Semi Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans

Reservation WJHWSX 19.7

WJHWSX 19.7" Invisible Ceiling LED Light Fan, Round Acrylic Semi


WJHWSX 19.7" Invisible Ceiling LED Light Fan, Round Acrylic Semi

Product description


WJHWSX 19.7" Invisible Ceiling Light Fan, Round Acrylic Semi Flush Mount Low Profile Fan Chandelier with Three Wind Speed, Changing Light Color and Timer for Bedroom Living Room Kitchen


  • Voltage: 110v
  • Light source Power: 36W
  • Length.:19.7"Lx7.8"H
  • Irradiation area: 130-270 square feet
  • Power factor:0.65
  • Motor Powerr:40W
  • Main Material:Acrylic+ABS Plastic


  • Stepless dimming: you can adjust the light color by remote control
  • Adjustable ceiling light with remote control: control ceiling light with fan via remote control
  • Compared to the traditional ceiling lamp, this lamp combines fans and lighting. The function of the ceiling light has been further improved.
  • Remote control for fan and lights, convenient use
  • Great decoration for home, coffee house, shop, hotel, etc.

Package Included:

  • 1x Ceiling fan light
  • 1x Remote controller
  • 1x English version installation instructions

WJHWSX 19.7" Invisible Ceiling LED Light Fan, Round Acrylic Semi

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