$158 NUFR Home Floor TV Stand with Storage Media Shelf with Wood Top Home Kitchen Furniture with,/cupping2784966.html,Stand,Shelf,with,Wood,Media,NUFR,Top,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,$158,Floor,TV,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Home,Storage $158 NUFR Home Floor TV Stand with Storage Media Shelf with Wood Top Home Kitchen Furniture NUFR Home Floor TV Stand with Popular Storage Media Wood Shelf Top with,/cupping2784966.html,Stand,Shelf,with,Wood,Media,NUFR,Top,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,$158,Floor,TV,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Home,Storage NUFR Home Floor TV Stand with Popular Storage Media Wood Shelf Top

NUFR Home Floor TV Stand with Popular Storage Media Wood Time sale Shelf Top

NUFR Home Floor TV Stand with Storage Media Shelf with Wood Top


NUFR Home Floor TV Stand with Storage Media Shelf with Wood Top

Product description

Product Dimension: 59" x 16" x 16"H

Style: Industrial

Finish: Weathered Oak amp; Black

Materials: Metal, Wood, Veneer, Composite Wood


Rectangular TV Stand

Storage: 1 Shelf Media-Open Compartment

Recommended TV Size: 60" Flat Screen TV

Wooden Top amp; Shelf Media (Open Back Panel amp; Base)

Shelf Media: 30" x 12"

Metal Sled Base amp; Crossbar Support:

Black Finish

Assembly Required: Yes

·Visible screen diagonal·

60" / 153 cm

NUFR Home Floor TV Stand with Storage Media Shelf with Wood Top

Look For

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