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ZHLT Camo Netting Camping Military Hunting Shooting Max 53% OFF Max 65% OFF Camouf Blind

ZHLT Camo Netting Camping Military Hunting Blind Shooting Camouf


ZHLT Camo Netting Camping Military Hunting Blind Shooting Camouf

Product description


●ZHLT-Innovation of outdoor products.
We have been focusing on high-quality textile fabrics for many years, and we constantly strive to improve product design to provide competitive quality products and services.

Very suitable for bar, army, decoration, outdoor sports, camping, hunting, concealment, paintball, car covers , wildlife photography, theme team, sun protection, privacy screen, theme park, fish farm, garden, military exhibition, shelter Place, beautify the environment, etc.

●High quality
150D strong polyester fiber-resists cracks and tears.
Double layer-more durable.
Improved sewing hemming design-prolong service life.
The hemming sewn drawstring design can be tied or hung, which is more convenient to use.
Easy to cut and connect.
Lightweight-easy to carry.
Oxidation resistant Oxford cloth is durable.
Provides maximum hiding power and excellent camouflage

●Package content:
1 *Camo Netting

●Please note before buying:
1. For hunting purposes, immerse the camouflage net in water with a cleaning agent suitable for hunting for about 30 minutes, and then let it dry. After this process, this material becomes quieter and almost no noise.
2. The product size is manually measured, there will be errors.

ZHLT Camo Netting Camping Military Hunting Blind Shooting Camouf

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