$144 YHshop Desktop/Tabletop Fountain Zen Chinese Style Flowing Water Home Kitchen Home Décor Products YHshop Desktop Tabletop Fountain Zen Flowing Chinese Department store Water Style Zen,$144,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,Water,Style,YHshop,Chinese,Flowing,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,/dappled2589477.html,Fountain,Desktop/Tabletop YHshop Desktop Tabletop Fountain Zen Flowing Chinese Department store Water Style Zen,$144,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,Water,Style,YHshop,Chinese,Flowing,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,/dappled2589477.html,Fountain,Desktop/Tabletop $144 YHshop Desktop/Tabletop Fountain Zen Chinese Style Flowing Water Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

YHshop Desktop Tabletop Fountain Zen Flowing Chinese Department store Over item handling Water Style

YHshop Desktop/Tabletop Fountain Zen Chinese Style Flowing Water


YHshop Desktop/Tabletop Fountain Zen Chinese Style Flowing Water

Product description

Listen to the sound of a waterfall crashing down, it will sooth your mood and release your stress after all day work.
Product Name: Backflow incense Tabletop Fountain
Product Material: Purple Clay
Product Voltage: 110V-240V (including)
Scope of application: Living room, study room, bedroom, hallway, office, etc.

Warm Tips:
1. Please check the size and color before purchasing.
2. Except for the indoor fountain shown in the product photo, other items are not included.
3. Please note that due to different monitors, slight chromatic aberration may occur, please understand.
4. Due to manual measurement, please allow a difference of 0cm-2cm, thank you.
5. Our store has a variety of styles and colors, you can go to my store to view.
6. Welcome your sharing and feedback so that we can provide you with better products and services.

YHshop Desktop/Tabletop Fountain Zen Chinese Style Flowing Water

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