$160,/dappled2723977.html,Stool,,Round,Stool,,Highly,Industrial,Cabinet,Home Kitchen , Furniture,A,bar,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,Retro,beeyuk $160 beeyuk Round Cabinet Stool, Retro Industrial bar Stool, Highly A Home Kitchen Furniture $160 beeyuk Round Cabinet Stool, Retro Industrial bar Stool, Highly A Home Kitchen Furniture beeyuk Round Cabinet Stool Retro A Highly Cash special price Industrial bar beeyuk Round Cabinet Stool Retro A Highly Cash special price Industrial bar $160,/dappled2723977.html,Stool,,Round,Stool,,Highly,Industrial,Cabinet,Home Kitchen , Furniture,A,bar,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,Retro,beeyuk

beeyuk Round Cabinet Stool Retro 2021 autumn and winter new A Highly Cash special price Industrial bar

beeyuk Round Cabinet Stool, Retro Industrial bar Stool, Highly A


beeyuk Round Cabinet Stool, Retro Industrial bar Stool, Highly A

Product description

Product Name: Bar Stool
Material: high quality flannel + metal frame
Color: green,
Size: Height: 70cm ~ 90cm
Features: Height adjustable, rotating 360 °.
Applicable places: suitable for bars, counters, kitchen, dining room, living room, learning room, bedroom, cafe, hotel, meeting room, etc.
This package includes: Bar Stool × 1

● This product contains only field stools, which does not include other products on the image.
● The size is all manual measurements. For a slight error, see the actual product. Due to shooting angles, lights and displays, there will be inevitable slight color differences and errors.

beeyuk Round Cabinet Stool, Retro Industrial bar Stool, Highly A

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