MILWAUKEE'S 5" Spasm price Pre-Stressed Diamond Core Wet Bit $252 MILWAUKEE'S 5" Pre-Stressed Diamond Wet Core Bit Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $252 MILWAUKEE'S 5" Pre-Stressed Diamond Wet Core Bit Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Wet,,$252,Diamond,/dappled2724177.html,Core,Bit,Pre-Stressed,MILWAUKEE'S,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,5" Wet,,$252,Diamond,/dappled2724177.html,Core,Bit,Pre-Stressed,MILWAUKEE'S,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,5" MILWAUKEE'S 5" Spasm price Pre-Stressed Diamond Core Wet Bit


MILWAUKEE'S 5" Pre-Stressed Diamond Wet Core Bit


MILWAUKEE'S 5" Pre-Stressed Diamond Wet Core Bit

Product description

Description ᛖilwaukee d?amond wet core bits are designed to the highest standards, only using quality d?amonds. Available in sizes 1 in. to 6 in., ᛖilwaukee pre-stressed wet core bits are designed specifically for the extra ??????s of drilling pre-stressed concrete. The cutting segments feature small gaps, preventing the bit from snagging on pre-tensioned cables or wire mesh. This bits is 15 in. in length and contains a 1-1/4 in. 7 thread.
#: G1836418 Mfr #: 48-17-1050
Overall Length : 15 in
Core Bit Cutter Material : d?amond-Tipped
Drilling Length (In.) : 15
Thread Size : 1-1/4-7
Bit Dia. : 5 in
Size (In.) : 5
Wet or Dry Application : Wet
Application : Pre-Stressed Cured Concrete
Item : Coring Bit
Drilling Depth : 15 in
For Use With : d?amond Core Rig
For Tool Type : Core Rig Drill
Sub Brand : Pre-Stressed Concrete Wet
Decimal Equivalent : 5
Maximum Drilling Depth : 15 in
Core Diameter : 5 in
Core Body Length : 15 in
Primary Material Application : Concrete
Shank Thread Size : 1 1/4"-7
Shank Included : Yes
Shank Type - Machining : Threaded Square
Connection Type : Permanent
Shank Diameter : 1 1/4 in
Country of Origin (subject to change) : China

MILWAUKEE'S 5" Pre-Stressed Diamond Wet Core Bit

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