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Wood Floating Our shop most popular Ranking TOP4 Hanging Storage Shelf Handmade Cotton Bohemian Rop

Wood Floating Hanging Storage Shelf Bohemian Handmade Cotton Rop


Wood Floating Hanging Storage Shelf Bohemian Handmade Cotton Rop

Product description


Woven tapestry is handmade
It is a great choice for decorating a bohemian fashion space
Made of quality material, durable and sturdy
Suitable for hanging in the living room, bedroom, apartment, dormitory, or even a cozy cafe or studio
Perfect gift for friends and family

Material: Wood+ cotton
Color: Blue/ Pink/ Purple/ White ( Optional )
Size: 50*80cm/ 19. 6*31. 4in

Package Including
1* Macrame wall hanging shelf

Wood Floating Hanging Storage Shelf Bohemian Handmade Cotton Rop

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