Crochet,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Wire,Wig,,$72,/enticingness2448687.html,Before,Half,Fashion,Braids,High,Lac,Temperature Fashion High New product!! Temperature Wire Wig Before Half Braids Lac Crochet $72 Fashion High Temperature Wire Wig Braids Before Half Crochet Lac Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Crochet,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Wire,Wig,,$72,/enticingness2448687.html,Before,Half,Fashion,Braids,High,Lac,Temperature Fashion High New product!! Temperature Wire Wig Before Half Braids Lac Crochet $72 Fashion High Temperature Wire Wig Braids Before Half Crochet Lac Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

Fashion High New product Chicago Mall Temperature Wire Wig Before Half Braids Lac Crochet

Fashion High Temperature Wire Wig Braids Before Half Crochet Lac


Fashion High Temperature Wire Wig Braids Before Half Crochet Lac

Product description

Size: 26 inches.
Product material: Rose nets, comfortable and not hot, you can perm, hair is made of high-temperature wire.
Process: mechanism.
Applicable color: any color, suitable for any face, bangs type of free points.
Benefits: The appearance modification; wig hairstyle: hair braids.

Fashion High Temperature Wire Wig Braids Before Half Crochet Lac

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