$35 TOPOWN Sofa Cover L Shape Sectional Couch Cover L-Shaped,Softnes Home Kitchen Home Décor Products TOPOWN Sofa Phoenix Mall Cover L Shape L-Shaped Softnes Couch Sectional $35,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,L,/feedhead2581510.html,L-Shaped,Softnes,TOPOWN,Sectional,Sofa,Shape,Couch,Cover,Cover,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products $35 TOPOWN Sofa Cover L Shape Sectional Couch Cover L-Shaped,Softnes Home Kitchen Home Décor Products TOPOWN Sofa Phoenix Mall Cover L Shape L-Shaped Softnes Couch Sectional $35,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,L,/feedhead2581510.html,L-Shaped,Softnes,TOPOWN,Sectional,Sofa,Shape,Couch,Cover,Cover,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products

TOPOWN Sofa Phoenix Mall Cover L Shape L-Shaped Softnes Beauty products Couch Sectional

TOPOWN Sofa Cover L Shape Sectional Couch Cover L-Shaped,Softnes


TOPOWN Sofa Cover L Shape Sectional Couch Cover L-Shaped,Softnes

Product Description

TOPOWN L Shape Sectional sofa cover, your best partner for ideal life.


In most families, there is a set of L-shaped modular sofas.

When enjoying the sofa, a good sofa cover can greatly improve the use experience.

Especially suitable for families with pets or children, it is simply a must-have item.

  • TOPOWN’s sofa cover is made of 95% high-quality polyester fiber and 5%elastic fiber,flexible material, strong and durable, suitable for most L-shape sofa.
  • The sofa cover has good elasticity, strong plasticity, and the unique elastic band design at the bottom can help the sofa cover fit well on the sofa without easily loosening or falling.
  • TOPOWN sofa cover is not only practical, but it also looks very nice.
  • If your sofa at home has been very badly worn or dirty, but do not want the high expenses to buy a new sofa. Change clothes for the Sectional sofa, it will bring a new look to surprise you.


L-Shaped sofa slipcover suitable for left chaise and right chaise type sectional couch.

  • STEP 1.Find the sewn with the label shows “BACK” and spread the slipcover over the sofa from the front to the back.(With the "BACK" label side down coverage.)
  • STEP 2. Drape the sofa cover to the bottom all over the arms.Adjust the sofa slipcover arms to hug the arms of the furniture.
  • STEP 3. Use your foam stick to stuff the excess fabric from the inside arm of the sofa into the crease between the armrest and the seat.And pull any excess fabric from the middle of the sitting area toward the arm. Tuck the excess fabric into the crease near the arm. Repeat with the other side.
  • STEP 4.Pull the excess fabric to the backrest position, and then stuff it under the backrest. The elastic edge design attached to the sofa cover can fasten the sofa cover tightly at the bottom.The elastic band attached to the bottom can tie the excess fabric tightly, which can be more beautiful while strengthening the fixation.

Well done, start enjoying your “new sofa”!


l shape waterproof sofa cover.

The waterproof fabric can prevent water from entering the sofa for almost a minute to protect the sofa from damage.

But please note that In order to ensure the comfort of the sofa cover, there is currently no 100% waterproof sofa cover in the strict sense on the market.

The sofa cover cannot be waterproof for a long time.

Please wipe dry water within a minute to avoid damage to the sofa.

Tip: Due to differences in the light and the resolution of each person's monitor when shooting, the specific color please prevail in kind.

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TOPOWN Sofa Cover L Shape Sectional Couch Cover L-Shaped(Purplish Red) TOPOWN Sofa Cover L Shape Sectional Couch Cover L-Shaped(Black) TOPOWN Sofa Cover L Shape Sectional Couch Cover L-Shaped(Dark Grey)
Material 95% polyester fiber and 5% elastic fiber 95% polyester fiber and 5% elastic fiber 95% polyester fiber and 5% elastic fiber
Color Purplish Red Black Dark Grey
Size L-Shaped 3+3 Seats(2 x 71"-91") L-Shaped 3+3 Seats(2 x 71"-91") L-Shaped 3+3 Seats(2 x 71"-91")

TOPOWN Sofa Cover L Shape Sectional Couch Cover L-Shaped,Softnes

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