$157 IGOSAIT Bookshelf Retro Industrial Style Pipeline Wall-Mounted B Home Kitchen Furniture Retro,Wall-Mounted,IGOSAIT,/feedhead2724110.html,Style,Pipeline,$157,B,Bookshelf,Industrial,Home Kitchen , Furniture,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru $157 IGOSAIT Bookshelf Retro Industrial Style Pipeline Wall-Mounted B Home Kitchen Furniture Retro,Wall-Mounted,IGOSAIT,/feedhead2724110.html,Style,Pipeline,$157,B,Bookshelf,Industrial,Home Kitchen , Furniture,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru IGOSAIT Bookshelf Retro Industrial B Luxury goods Style Pipeline Wall-Mounted IGOSAIT Bookshelf Retro Industrial B Luxury goods Style Pipeline Wall-Mounted

IGOSAIT Bookshelf Retro Industrial B Luxury Store goods Style Pipeline Wall-Mounted

IGOSAIT Bookshelf Retro Industrial Style Pipeline Wall-Mounted B


IGOSAIT Bookshelf Retro Industrial Style Pipeline Wall-Mounted B

Product description

Thank you very much for choosing our products. We will sincerely communicate with kind and polite customers and try our best to solve the problems encountered in the transaction process.
- Unlike most single-layer white or black, MDF or laminate and low-cost finishes, these shelves are made up of torch-finished solid wood and black powder-coated metal brackets that blend seamlessly with industry and add a beautiful countryside And beautiful

- Easy to assemble, easy to follow instructions, including all necessary hardware, rugged and durable.

Product Name: Storage Rack

Wooden material: pine

Structural Process: Metal Process

Metal structure process: welding

Style positioning: artistic style

Design elements: do the old

Style positioning: economical

Suitable Compatible with: family, clothing store, etc.

Product Maintenance

* Although it is slightly waterproof, please keep away from water, fire: after all, it is a wood structure product!

* If placed on the ground or on the table, please keep it flat and the bottom is balanced. This kind of baby is afraid of damage, scratches, please take it lightly.

* Please don't let the product get wet. Although we use high density board, we can't stand the long-term tidal attack!

* When removing dust, it is to wipe it with a damp cloth, avoid alkaline water, check the gasoline or organic solution.

IGOSAIT Bookshelf Retro Industrial Style Pipeline Wall-Mounted B

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