Swarovski Crystal Daily bargain sale Figurine Chinese ZODIAC SNAKE -1109237 $244 Swarovski Crystal Figurine Chinese ZODIAC SNAKE -1109237 Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Crystal,ZODIAC,/feedhead2962310.html,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,Figurine,$244,SNAKE,Chinese,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Swarovski,-1109237 Crystal,ZODIAC,/feedhead2962310.html,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,Figurine,$244,SNAKE,Chinese,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Swarovski,-1109237 $244 Swarovski Crystal Figurine Chinese ZODIAC SNAKE -1109237 Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Swarovski Crystal Daily bargain sale Figurine Chinese ZODIAC SNAKE -1109237

Swarovski Crystal Daily bargain San Antonio Mall sale Figurine Chinese ZODIAC SNAKE -1109237

Swarovski Crystal Figurine Chinese ZODIAC SNAKE -1109237


Swarovski Crystal Figurine Chinese ZODIAC SNAKE -1109237

Product description

2013 marks the Year of the Snake. As a symbol of rebirth, longevity, and protection in ancient China, this authentic Asian design shines in Crystal Silver Shade. It bears a special seal engraved on the crystal base, describing the Zodiac sign and giving its name in Traditional Chinese and English.

  • Designer: W. Qian/Z. Shao Fei
  • Article no.: 1109237
  • Approximate size: 2 7/16 x 3 5/16 inches

Swarovski Crystal Figurine Chinese ZODIAC SNAKE -1109237

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Work efficiently with teammates and clients, stay in sync on projects, and keep company data safe—all in one place.

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Keep everything that’s important to you and your family shareable and safe in one place. Back up files in the cloud, share photos and videos, and more.

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Enhance remote collaboration with Zoom instant meetings and video recordings.

Bring Slack conversations and Dropbox content together to keep teams in sync.

Easily and securely send files to clients and vendors from within Adobe Photoshop.

Easily access, edit, and share Office docs online in Dropbox.

Create, edit, and share Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides in Dropbox.

Collaborate on team projects in Trello with Dropbox content.

Upload course files or assignments straight from Dropbox to Canvas.

Track all of your team’s work with Asana while keeping Dropbox content alongside.

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