Black 1.2L Japanese Tea Kettle Warmer Ha Kansas City Mall Cast Iron Teapot Black 1.2L Japanese Tea Kettle Warmer Ha Kansas City Mall Cast Iron Teapot Warmer,Teapot,Black,Teapot,Ha,,Cast,$118,Iron,/feedhead3056910.html,Japanese,Tea,Kettle,1.2L,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining Warmer,Teapot,Black,Teapot,Ha,,Cast,$118,Iron,/feedhead3056910.html,Japanese,Tea,Kettle,1.2L,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining $118 Black 1.2L Japanese Tea Kettle Cast Iron Teapot Teapot Warmer Ha Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $118 Black 1.2L Japanese Tea Kettle Cast Iron Teapot Teapot Warmer Ha Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Black 1.2L Japanese Max 72% OFF Tea Kettle Warmer Ha Kansas City Mall Cast Iron Teapot

Black 1.2L Japanese Tea Kettle Cast Iron Teapot Teapot Warmer Ha


Black 1.2L Japanese Tea Kettle Cast Iron Teapot Teapot Warmer Ha

Product description

1. When using the iron kettle for the first time, put 5-10 grams of tea into the iron kettle net, add water and cook for about 10 minutes. In this way, the tannin contained in the tea and the iron dissolved in the iron pot will form a layer of tannin iron film on the surface of the iron pot, which will make embroideries more undesirable; at the same time, it can remove the peculiar smell of the new pot. Pour out the water in the pot after boiling and repeat 2-3 times until the water is clear. It is recommended that the new pot be used every day when it is first started, so that the scale can be quickly paid off.
2. The most suitable heat source for iron kettles is charcoal fire. Now electric stoves and gas stoves can be used instead of induction cookers.
3. In daily use, please fill 8 minutes full of water to avoid overflow after boiling. After using the iron kettle for about 5 days, scarlet spots will appear on the inner wall, and white scale will appear in about 10 days. This is normal, as long as the water is not turbid, it will not affect drinking.
4. After each use, turn on a small fire to fully evaporate the water in the pot, and then wipe it with a dry soft cloth to keep the pot dry and do not leave water in the pot overnight. Prevent the iron kettle from rusting and affect its service life.

Black 1.2L Japanese Tea Kettle Cast Iron Teapot Teapot Warmer Ha

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