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N\\A Metal Holder Fragrance for St Strips Ranking TOP20 Test Blotter Max 56% OFF

N\\A Metal Holder Fragrance for Fragrance Blotter Strips,Test St


N\\A Metal Holder Fragrance for Fragrance Blotter Strips,Test St

Product description


Shape:Rectangular Shape


Printing: Without printing

Package: 1pcs/bag
More:These holder have wide range of use;they are suitable for perfume paper display,name card display etc.
1. Can be used in perfume counters, perfume rooms, etc.

2. It is convenient for perfumers to smell the fragrance of perfume.

3. It can print corporate LOGO, various patterns, publicity slogans, etc., which can improve corporate reputation and promote corporate brand

4. It is fast to make goods, suitable for mass distribution of promotional items, attract more consumers, and obtain more revenue for the company.
Metal perfume test paper holder, with adhesive strips in the middle, which is convenient for making the fragrance test strips more stable and clamped on the holder.

We support custom logo, please feel free to contact us

N\\A Metal Holder Fragrance for Fragrance Blotter Strips,Test St

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