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CC Home Furnishings Limited price sale 7' x 8' Single Max 64% OFF and American White Blue Flag

CC Home Furnishings 7' x 8' Blue and White American Flag Single


CC Home Furnishings 7' x 8' Blue and White American Flag Single

Product description

The iconic American flag deserves an iconic magnitude of celebration! On the historic occasion that is the 4th of July, this garage door banner will make your country proud. Made with a never-ending fountain of patriotism, this mural comes in a variegated color palette over an allegiance inspired design. High-quality, durable elements allow secure attachment with a uniformed flex as the door goes up and down, making it enjoyable for years to come. One flag, one land, one nation, evermore! Product Features: Features American flag and fireworks image printed banner. Printed as "HAPPY 4th of July". Fits a standard roll up and flat panel garage doors. Recommended for both indoor and outdoor use. Comes in a reusable storage box and ready to hang on your door. Reusable with quick and easy assembly. High quality durable materials. Can be taken down and put up and used over and over. System requires no tape or screws, which could potentially damage your garage door. Made in the USA Dimensions: 7' high x 8' wide. Material(s): vinyl

CC Home Furnishings 7' x 8' Blue and White American Flag Single

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