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TFCFL 42" Ceiling Fan Lamp Chandelier Fan with Led Light Retro F


TFCFL 42" Ceiling Fan Lamp Chandelier Fan with Led Light Retro F

Product description

UL Listed Quality Assurance: Yes
Color temperature: CCT dimmable (3 light periods)
Light source type: LED (including lamp kit)
Control: including remote control
Size: 42 inches, 4 retractable blades
Light wattage: 36W
Motor power: 56W
Speed: 3 gears wind speed can be adjusted
Voltage: AC 110-120 volts
Average service life: 5~10 years Installation
The chandelier is suitable for flat roof concrete suspended ceiling houses, gypsum board and wooden ceiling, you need to buy a retrofit bracket;
Identify and connect wires;
The ceiling height is greater than 110" and the lift is 110 pounds.
What do you get:
Telescopic ceiling fan x 1
Screw set x 1
Lower rod x 2 (10CM amp; 20CM)
Remote control x 1
Instruction manual x 1
Please turn off the power before installation to ensure your safety. Please check carefully whether the product size matches the size of your room before buying. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

TFCFL 42" Ceiling Fan Lamp Chandelier Fan with Led Light Retro F

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